1) Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme (LTPRS)
Nigel Russell, Karen Ford (Learning and Teaching Services)
2) Sharpening Skills, Developing Minds Kathryn Rooney, Dale Griffin (301 Student Skills & Development Centre)
3) The Image Speaks
David Forrest (English), Amy Ryall (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
4) Learning in the Diamond
Rene Meijer (Library and CICS)
5) Achieve More
Gillian Dinsey (Academic and Learning Services), Institutional SALT Team
6) University of Sheffield Enterprise Academy: Empowering and Enabling You to Develop Your Students' Enterprise Learning
Christina Elliott, Anna Nibbs, Dr Alison Riley, Gary Wood (University of Sheffield Enterprise Academy)
7) Using Technology to Develop, Recognise and Acknowledge the Development of Skills
Farzana Latif, Zaf Ali, Pete Mella, James Goldingay (Technology Enhanced Learning Team)
8) Zooscope: The Animals in Film Database
Jamie Lepiorz (English)
9) MOOCs - Learning Beyond the Curriculum
Dave Holloway (Academic and Learning Services), Laura Giles (Academic and Learning Services), Pamela Hafekost (Careers Service)
10) The New University Placement Team
David Hodgins (Careers Service), Louise Cooper (Careers Service), Dr Louise McInnes (Careers Service), Helen Thorpe (Careers Service), Dr Hilary Jones (Careers Service), Jo Edwards (Careers Service)
11) Higher Education Achievement Report
Edward Smith (Taught Programmes Office)
12) Students, Emergencies and Urgent Cases
Audrey Leadley (Student Support and Guidance), Adam Greenwood (University Counselling Service), Sarah Armour (Disability and Dyslexia Support Service), Dr Jenny King (University Health Service)
13) University of Sheffield Outreach
Alison McKenzie (Outreach, Student Services), Gill Hughes (Outreach, Student Services)


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