3) The Image Speaks

The Image Speaks

David Forrest (English), Amy Ryall (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

What is this about?

This display is a self-contained exhibition of photographs of research produced by The Image Speaks project. The Image Speaks paired 10 PhD students with a professional photographer who worked together over a number of weeks to create photographs which showed some aspect or idea relating to their research. Students wrote labels to accompany their photograph and the finished exhibition was displayed on vinyl on the windows in Jessop West Foyer. This version of the project exhibition was produced as a more permanent record of work, which, by its nature, did not survive removal from its original site.

How will colleagues benefit?

As we are also running a session about The Image Speaks, the benefits of the exhibition are two-fold. Firstly, it will enable colleagues who attend the session about the project to see all of the photographs that were produced for the exhibition, thus enhancing their understanding of the project. In addition, it will enable colleagues who do not attend the session to see the work that has been done as part of this project and to gain some understanding of the project through the work that was produced.

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