18. b) Applying theory through teamwork, Conversation and Brainstroming (Discovery Room 2).

Applying Theory Through Teamwork, Concession and Brainstorming
Chris Liassides (International Faculty)
 What is this about?
This is a brainstorming exercise. Participants will be given a short presentation of the exercise, including facts, and the idea they need to work on.  (10 minutes)

The participants, in groups, will have to come up with new ideas about the name of the product assigned to them. (5 minutes)

The groups will be then asked to share with each other what they came up with.  The instructor (me) will monitor the whole process and, in the end, provide advice as to how this practice could be applied to other disciplines, other projects, depending on the needs of the colleagues present, to engage their students in similar exercises. (5 minutes)
 How will colleagues benefit?
Given that this presentation/exercise is based on an idea coming straight from the industry, the students are engaged in a creative exercise.  It keeps students interested throughout the course of the semester and adds value to their knowledge with regard to employability, since it prepares them in dealing with similar issues at work.  Colleagues attending the conference will be interested in this session because they may search to find opportunities for their departments to develop similar exercises, following the method in question, in line with their disciplines, especially if they intend to bring a better balance into their programmes' "coursework maps", trying out new methods of assessment that are indeed more pleasant to work on and definitely more aspiring, as well as matching the Sheffield Graduate attributes.

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