Learning and Teaching Services

The purpose of LeTS is to work collaboratively with staff and students to ensure that learning and teaching is of a high quality, thereby inspiring and enabling our students to achieve their full academic potential.
To achieve this we:
  • stimulate, support and share innovative practice;
  • undertake project based work to achieve the goals set out in the Learning & Teaching Strategy of the University and its Faculties;
  • provide accredited initial and continuing professional development for staff who teach;
  • ensure that there are clear policies for learning and teaching and provide guidance in working to these requirements;
  • support the approval of new programmes and modules;
  • oversee annual and periodic review activities;
  • undertake research and evaluation into widening access to Higher Education;
  • support and report on institution level surveys of student satisfaction;
  • manage the Senate Awards for excellence in learning and teaching.

Learning and Teaching Services cover 4 inter-related areas:
  • Learning and teaching Development
  • Quality Management of learning and teaching
  • Professional Development in learning and teaching
  • Governance relating to Learning and Teaching
Services are delivered through partnership working with staff in the Faculties and student representatives and ambassadors, and with inputs from across the Professional Services. Each Faculty has two named LeTS contacts, one for learning and teaching development management matters, and for the other covering quality management.   Information about our support and services is published on our web-site at  Our Learning and Teaching Tool-kit at provides practical examples for delivering teaching, drawn from across the University and combined with guidance on relevant University and national policies.

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