5) Achieve More

Achieve More
Gillian Dinsey (Academic and Learning Services), Institutional SALT team
What is this about?
The vision of the whole Achieve More programme is that, once they have undertaken it in full, all students should have:
       Developed a firmer recognition of the place of their specialist study within the wider range of disciplines, and extended their studies to cover some of that range
       Recognised and understood the contributions that their own specialism can make to real-world understanding and problem-solving, alongside the contributions of other disciplines
       Strengthened their ability to  work in teams that are diverse in intellectual and disciplinary background
       Recognised the significance of research approaches to understanding and creating solutions to real-world problems
       Experienced working with audiences and individuals from outside the university
       Developed the ability to communicate with non-academic audiences
How will colleagues benefit?
Gain understanding of Achieve More programme aims and objectives.
Ask questions of staff and students.
Understand the impact of the programme on themselves and their students

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