8) ZooScope: The Animals in Film Database

 ZooScope: The Animals in Film Database
Jamie Lepiorz (School of English)
What is this about?
ZooScope is a database designed by Level 3 School of English students, in conjunction with students studying on a MA level Enterprise module. ZooScope’s aim is to develop a database which focusses on animal representations in film.

The project was initially ran using Wordpress (http://soezooscope.wordpress.com/) as a hosting platform, and was launched in May 2013. In the 2013/14 academic session, students from a range of departments helped develop and implement a new site, that would allow for worldwide collaboration (https://zooscope.english.shef.ac.uk/).

ZooScope has allowed students to critically evaluate, and reflect on their writing, as all work published becomes “public domain”. This led to an increase in the standard of academic writing from the students participating on the module.

To date, ZooScope has received entries from Australia, Canada, the United States, as well as mainland U.K, from students, alumni, and members of the public making ZooScope truly interdisciplinary.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues can benefit from the knowledge exchange, in particular, demonstrating how easy the initial project was to set up, as well as guiding staff through the processes involved in working with students from another department. Alternative IT solutions will be discussed, so that staff can tailor a similar project to their own requirements, and/or skill digital literacy skills.

As well as building digital literacy, ZooScope builds information literacy skills, is truly interdisciplinary, international, and unique in scope.

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