18. a) An Analysis and advancement of Sustainability marketing education in Postgraduate University Curiculla: A sheffield University research case study on three different perspectives: Student , academic and Business (Discovery Room 2).

An Analysis and Advancement of Sustainability Marketing Education in Postgraduate University Curricula: A Sheffield University research case study on three different perspectives: student, academic and business
Teodora Alexandra Nicolau (external, Vimto International), Dr Nicola Newman (Management), Dr Panayiota Alevizou (Management)
 What is this about?
The core mission of the Sheffield University Management School concerns the delivery of a socially responsible learning environment, highlighting the importance of sustainability education. Despite this, within postgraduate programmes, sustainability is currently lacking on the curricula, as a withstanding module. This work and model proposed focuses on how sustainability is taught, how it is performing and aims at exploring new methods of teaching and incorporation.  Worldwide, an increasing number of companies are implementing more sustainable practices, whilst universities are following suit. The question we face is: are these programmes effective enough to equip future business professionals? This session addresses this issue and justifies why the answer is still negative. It also addresses the issue of sustainability incorporation within the curricula, justifying why it is a key issue towards an effective bedrock for the future. The research carried involves a case study for the University of Sheffield and a research practice dialogue between the businesses community, academics and students.
 How will colleagues benefit?
With the help of sustainability education literature and qualitative research in the form of case study approach (lecture observation, interviews and focus groups) some key areas were analysed that were previously missing within the literature. These are the usefulness of sustainability marketing education for postgraduate students, identification of more useful/helpful teaching resources (taking into account aspects regarding practicality versus theory) and discipline implementation students. By bringing in these three different perspectives, this paper contributes to the area of sustainability education that differs from anything that was previously done. This helps pave the way for future resource engagement between businesses, governments, NGOs, whilst adding more knowledge by using these different stakeholders. Deriving from this, future research can be expanded to a national level, by including what other universities are teaching/practicing to compare, contrast and bring to the attention the different results that sustainability education might have on graduates.

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