15. a) Student Staff Research partnership that develops students learning? SURE (Inox Conference Suite 2).

 Student-Staff Research Partnership that Develops Student Learning? SURE.
Tracy Mayes (301 Student Skills & Development Centre)
 What is this about?
The Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) scheme offers undergraduate students funded research scholarships to work in partnership with an academic on a dedicated piece of research, enabling students to develop a deeper knowledge of a subject that they are passionate about.  The scheme provides opportunities for students to develop a variety of skills outside of the formal curriculum, not only enhancing their research skills and providing insight into academic research, but developing numerous transferable skills such as project management, collaboration, communication and dissemination.

The session will introduce delegates to this particular model of staff-student research partnership, exploring the ways in which it facilitates student skills development.  Delegates will hear from previous student and academic staff participants, who will offer insight into how their SURE experience has benefitted them.
 How will colleagues benefit?
The session aims to provide delegates with an appreciation of the potential that partnership models such as SURE offer for enabling students to develop a range of academic and transferable skills.  It may stimulate reflection of current practice, leaving colleagues to consider opportunities for students to develop their research skills either within or alongside the curricula.

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