15. b)The SURE programme and its benefits for continuing learning and research (Inox Conference Suite 2).

The SURE Programme and its Benefits for Continuing Learning and Research
Dr Carmen Levick (English) and Holly Gilson (English)
 What is this about?
This session will discuss the challenges and benefits of the University of Sheffield SURE programme and the ways in which students participating in it can further develop their learning and research skills. The paper will be presented by a supervisor and a student from the School of English, who took part in the SURE programme and developed their topic through further projects. We will discuss the pedagogical significance of such a programme within the framework of graduate employability and further research.
 How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will benefit from this joint presentation through a clear presentation of the aims and objectives of the SURE programme; the various ways in which students can engage with the programme and the skills they acquire during it; and possible applications in everyday curriculum of the principles of SURE.

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