14. a)Diverse academic literacy practices in higher education: An exploration of different models of academic literacies, as experianced by students (Inox Conference Suite 1).

a) Diverse Academic Literacy Practices in Higher Education: An exploration of different models of academic literacies, as experienced by students
Victoria Mann (English Language Teaching Centre)
What is this about?
The session relates to students' acquisition of academic writing skills, which are often considered to be a key component of achieving academic success.  Whilst this is traditionally translated as undertaking essay based assignments, diverse tasks are often a feature in higher education, for example creating posters or journal based reflective accounts.  The session considers the specific demands that  diverse assignments make on students  and explores ways that tutors can support students in responding to diversity of tasks.
How will colleagues benefit?
The session will provide an opportunity for tutors to review the diverse literacy practices that they employ and to discuss how to support students to respond to diversity effectively. Additionally, it invites tutors to consider the purpose for such diversity, for example, developing transferable skills

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