13. Piloting PASS in Aerospace engineering: A model for peer learning (Discovery Room 3).

13) Workshop

Piloting PASS in Aerospace Engineering: A model for peer learning

Matthew Martin (301 Student Skills & Development Centre)

What is this about?

This session introduces the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) pilot programme which was launched within the Faculty of Engineering in September 2014. PASS is attached to 2 modules, Aerospace Engineering’s MEC194 and Civil and Structural Engineering’s CIV150. PASS uses the skills and experience of higher year students who have previously completed these modules to facilitate additional study sessions for students studying the same module in lower years.   These sessions aim to support both an increased understanding of the academic content of the module and the development of study and transferable skills within both the Leaders and participants, particularly communication and team-working.

PASS is an internationally utilised model for peer learning and this session will outline the PASS model and how it has been applied at Sheffield. The session will also provide an opportunity to experience PASS and to discuss PASS within the broader context of peer learning initiatives.

How will colleagues benefit?

Delegates will:
       Gain an overview of Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) as a model to facilitate peer learning and discuss the benefits of PASS to both the participants and PASS leaders
       Discover how PASS is being implemented at Sheffield
       Hear from students who are involved in the PASS pilot programme
       Learn more about the evaluation of the PASS pilot programme which is being completed in collaboration with WPREU (Widening Participation Research Unit)
       Get the opportunity to experience PASS in action (student led activity)
       Discuss how the 301 Student Skills & Development Centre could support them in implementing/ developing peer learning activities with their students

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