9. a) Digital literacy for overseas students (Inox Conference Suite 1)

Digital Literacy for Overseas Students
Dr Nicholas Murgatroyd (English Language Teaching Centre) and David Read (English Language Teaching Centre)
What is this about?
Digital literacy is becoming an increasingly important tool students require for both their studies and their life after university. When considering the needs of students, it is often easy to assume a level of pre-existing knowledge based on the prior experience of UK-based students. However, this knowledge may not be shared by students from other cultures, presenting a further barrier to learning in addition to the language one. Based on the results of a digital literacy training course for pre-sessional students, this session will look at the digital literacy needs of students in general and the considerations necessary to tailor training to overseas students.
How will colleagues benefit?
This session should give pedagogical staff and course planners some ideas of a basic digital literacy toolkit that all students would benefit from in the early stages of their university career, as well as raise awareness of the challenges that digital literacy presents for some overseas students.

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