6. a ) Student Experience at the university of Shffield : How do students reflect on their own skills and competences during the first year of University studies. (Discovery Room 2).

a) Student Experience at The University of Sheffield: How do students reflect on their own skills and competences during the first year of university studies
Dr Rita Hordosy (Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Unit)
What is this about?
This session provides information gathered through the ‘Sheffield Student 2013’ longitudinal research project conducted in the Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Unit on student experiences with the cohort starting their undergraduate studies in 2013. Using the data from the first year interviews with students, this presentation summarises their reflection on their experience of academic transition into the University and their respective courses. This presentation focuses on three different topics. First, it overviews the students’ attitudes towards the University level teaching mechanisms, and changes with respect to their own learning styles and practices. Second, the session will give an insight into students’ reflection on the different kinds of feedback in their modules as well. And last, it will provide some details on how students perceive their acquisition of skills and competences through the critical skills sessions. Due to the research project gathering data from all faculties, the session compares the student experiences across the University.
How will colleagues benefit?
This session provides valuable insight into student experiences with respect to academic transitions and the caveats around this process. The presentation gives insight into the examples of best practice with respect to developing core skills and competences and helping students’ academic transitions in the different departments.

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