3. c) Developing from a Student to a reflective professional (Inox Conference Suite 2)

 Developing from a Student to a Reflective Professional
Dr Anthony Rossiter (Automated Control and Systems Engineering)
What is this about?
This talk looks at alternative mechanisms for both module delivery and assessment which focus on preparing students for the workplace. While the context is engineering, the principles are generic. The project is based around a 4th year MENG module, thus students in their final year of an accredited degree.
How will colleagues benefit?
In earlier years, many modules are based on core skills and knowledge development, but the presentation and assessment offer limited opportunities for students to be creative, innovative or indeed even reflective.  In the final year, we want to encourage students to take greater ownership of their learning and ensure strong links between their studies and the skills/knowledge they will use in the workplace. This talk shows how reformatting the lectures, tutorials, assessment and implied learning objectives within a potentially rather technical and abstract module, gave students the freedom to be more reflective, more active and thus to gain more insight and understanding, as well as acquiring the core skills and knowledge. One point of significant note is the move away from traditional paper based exams which can be a significant hindrance to authentic assessment, that is assessment that reflects what students really need to be good at.

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