2. a) Embedding Academic Skills into the curriculum: Approaches and Challenges (Inox Conference Suite 1)

a) Embedding Academic Skills Into the Curriculum: Approaches & Challenges

Amy Jeffries (301 Student Skills & Development Centre)

What is this about?

The 301 Student Skills & Development Centre helps students to develop the academic skills which underpin their discipline-specific learning, so they can achieve their full potential. Covering topics such as Critical Thinking, Academic Writing, Presentation Skills and Reflective Practice, daily workshops and 1:1 tutorials offer generic advice and guidance to all students.

Recently, the Centre has collaborated with a growing number of academic departments on bespoke in-curricular delivery of academic skills sessions within specific modules, or with certain cohorts of students. A range of topics have been delivered across five faculties, to undergraduate and post-graduate taught, and as part of the Level 1 Achieve More initiative. This session will describe the different models and approaches, outline the successes, and consider the challenges involved in embedding academic skills provision into the curriculum, as well as presenting feedback from both academics and students. The issue of impact measurement will also be addressed.

How will colleagues benefit?

Academic staff will be able to reflect on their own curricula, and the potential of embedding academic skills within the modules they teach. The different models presented should encourage them to consider the approaches that might best suit their disciplines and teaching.

Professional services colleagues will benefit from hearing about a number of transferrable models which they may wish to consider. Additionally, the issue of impact measurement is a perennial one which may spark some contemplation about how this is tackled in delegates’ own services.

Students will be interested to hear about the range of opportunities on offer at the 301 Centre, and the session will hopefully raise awareness about the importance of academic skills development whilst learning at University.

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