1. Developing the engaged curriculum (Discovery Room 3)

1) Workshop


Developing the Engaged Curriculum

Professor Brendan Stone (English), Dr Dave Forrest (English), Ryan Bramley (English), Dr Kate Pahl (Education), Dr Barry Gibson (Dentistry), Dr Andy Inch (Town and Regional Planning), Dr Lee Crookes (Town and Regional Planning), Jason Slade (Town and Regional Planning), India Woof (Academic and Learning Services)


What is this about?

The Engaged Curriculum Project supports the development of curricular and co-curricular activities which provide opportunities for students to learn with and from external partners, gain exposure to 'real-world' challenges, and learn from experiences outside the University. This session will seek to develop the audience’s understanding of the Engaged Curriculum in practice through showcasing the variety of ways in which engagement can be introduced into the curriculum. The workshop will include short presentations on a range of recent Engaged Curriculum projects, alongside opportunities for attendees to reflect on the benefits and challenges associated with introducing engaged elements to the taught curriculum.  The presentations will include input from project leads and student participants.


How will colleagues benefit?

Colleagues will gain insight into the practical implementation of a Learning and Teaching Strategy Priority – ‘The creation of opportunities for all students to learn and develop personally through experiences outside the university, in particular reflecting the University’s mission as a civic institution’. In particular, by presenting diverse projects from three different faculties, attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the key challenges of engaged learning and teaching, and how these can be overcome using a variety of different approaches. We hope to hold a reciprocal conversation through the workshop, inspiring the audience to consider how they may be able to introduce engaged working within their own practice, and also how their existing work may be relevant to the Engaged Curriculum Project and its objectives.

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