11. a) Incorporating work-based learning into your PGT programmes (Inox Conference Suite 3)

Incorporating Work-Based Learning Into Your PGT Programmes
Dr Hilary Jones (Careers Service)
What is this about?
This session will introduce a range of ways in which work-based learning such as internships and live projects can be incorporated into PGT programmes.  There is a good deal of exciting practice across The University of Sheffield – internships and live projects are being incorporated across a range of subject areas, from English and History to Architecture and International Development.

The session will present four models that can be used as starting points to introduce work-based learning into PGT programmes that practitioners can build from.

Participants will consider the dual benefits of work-based learning – the work experience itself, and the opportunity to use that experience to critically assess the theories and practices they have studied. 
How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will benefit by:

a) learning about the range of ways in which PGT work-based learning can be incorporated into all subject areas – not solely vocational or applied programmes.
b) considering case studies where work-based learning has been successfully introduced across The University of Sheffield, including practicalities such as identifying hosts and assessing work.
c) finding out about the support available from the Careers Service for staff involved with work-based learning

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