10. b)Using CLEAR IDEAS for developing creativity and innovation skills (Inox Conference Suite 2).

Using CLEAR IDEAS for Developing Creativity and Innovation Skills
Dr Kamal Birdi (Institute of Work Psychology)
What is this about?
The CLEAR IDEAS (CI) model was developed by Kamal Birdi in 2005 as a means of translating research evidence on effective creativity and innovation in organisations into meaningful practice. The IDEAS part of the model focuses on developing analytical, creative and evaluative thinking skills to aid better idea generation while the CLEAR part develops strategies to more successfully implement the new ideas. CI workshops have been run for hundreds of participants from a wide variety of organisations (as well as postgraduate students), leading to a CI Impact Case Study being submitted for REF2014. The workshop will provide an overview of how the model works and reflect on lessons learned from running CI creativity workshops for different practitioner and academic audiences.
How will colleagues benefit?
The session will provide participants with a simple, systematic model for innovatively solving problems. Insights will also be shared into how to translate research into educational vehicles designed to generate real-world impact. Furthermore, the new CLEAR IDEAS App will be introduced as a means for participants to be able to try out the full model themselves post-workshop. Benefits should thus accrue for academics wishing to improve their own innovativeness as well as encouraging more creativity in their students< br>

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