4. b) Feedback for action : A framework (Discovery Room 1)

Feedback for Action: A framework
Dr Oli Johnson (Academic and Learning Services)
What is this about?
What do students do with their feedback and why? How can the feedback process be designed to encourage action leading to longer term behaviour change? This paper proposes a framework for supporting the use of effective action-orientated feedback as a way to join up student learning across modules and levels. Project findings and recommendations are taken from the HEA-funded Flexible Formative Feedback project, a student-led cross-faculty consultation on feedback with students and staff at The University of Sheffield that took place over the 2013-4 academic year. The paper will conclude with a presentation of the Feedback Record, an online system for logging and referring back to feedback events, developed by the project team and trialled with students in the Autumn Semester 2014.
How will colleagues benefit?
This paper will provide a number of concrete and easily adaptable ideas to support the feedback process. It avoids the traditional focus on quantity, quality, method, medium and timeliness of feedback to suggest that a robust framework for supporting students in the interpretation, use and application of feedback can result in a more effective process with a greater positive impact on student learning.  It will also introduce a new online resource for interpreting and recording feedback that can be used as part of routine teaching and assessment or as part of the Personal and Academic Tutorial process.

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