11 c) Bringing Skills Teaching into the Mainstream to Enhance the Learning Experience (Inox Conference Suite 3).

c) Bringing Skills Teaching into the Mainstream to Enhance the Learning Experience

Rachel Cooper (Law), Louise Glover (Law), Paula Hatton (Law), Pauline Laidlaw (Law)

What is this about?
This session will demonstrate how skills teaching aligned to targeted outcomes or criteria can enhance student development and encourage active learning, group work, peer review and reflection. It will explore how the experience of actively applying taught subject matter improves the students’ engagement with the material and through this their success on the programme. The session will comment on the effect of this process in developing transferable skills: team working, critical thinking, digital literacy and independent planning. In presenting this paper the authors share their experience of skills teaching on the post-graduate professional Legal Practice Course and consider how, aligned to academic criteria, skills teaching is not solely relevant to professional vocational curricula but can also be delivered to enhance the undergraduate curriculum. We will also consider how the embedding of skills within the curriculum feeds into the continuing development of students’ professional and employability skills.

How will colleagues benefit?
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During the session colleagues will be given practical examples of how detailed assessment criteria based on targeted outcomes can be used as a basis to develop realistic scenarios which require the students to engage in active learning. Colleagues can consider how the clarity and transparency of learning outcomes and assessment criteria can be used effectively to develop student learning beyond the simple retention of knowledge and how the use of "real life" skills and scenarios in teaching can lead to the development of core competencies and transferable skills. The examples provided should give colleagues the opportunity to consider how they can develop or adapt their teaching practices to embed transferrable skills in the

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