10) The New University Placement Team

10) The New University Placement Team
David Hodgins, Louise Cooper, Dr Louise McInnes, Helen Thorpe, Dr Hilary Jones, Jo Edwards (Careers Service)

What is this about? The Placement Team display is a showcase for a new resource within the Careers Service. This new team will be providing a centre of excellence and expertise for both long and short-term student placements at all academic levels. It will provide dedicated and tailored support to each department, with an individual placement officer assigned to each Faculty. The Placement Team will be developing integrated placement systems and processes for use across the University of Sheffield, and will be available to assist and support staff within academic departments with the enhancement of their existing learning materials. The Placement Team will also be a source of advice and support to students at all stages of the placement process, assisting them with: identifying and sourcing suitable placements, application processes, on-placement support and post-placement reflective learning.

How will colleagues benefit? The Placement Team display will allow colleagues the opportunity to be introduced to a new resource, based within the Careers Service, that is now available to support both their departmental work and their students. Colleagues will be able to meet the team member assigned to their faculty, and gain an insight into future Placement Team activities. Information material outlining the services offered by the Placement Team and introducing its members will be available, as well as additional information on the wider work of the Careers Service. There will also be an opportunity for colleagues to share their thoughts and suggestions for this new department with us.

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